Wednesday, May 25, 2011

iPad 2 Coming To Ukraine, Brazil, and Russia

After rumors of Apple considering their first Apple retail store in Russia, there are now confirmations that the iPad 2 will be arriving to authorized resellers on Friday, May 27th. The iPad 2 will be available with a starting price of 18,990 roubles ($668) which is less than the price of previous generation iPad. The top model with 3G/WiFi and 64GB memory will be offered for 30,990 roubles ($1090).

Official iPad 2 prices in Russia will be 30 percent to 40 percent greater than in the United States, where the base model goes for $499 and I picked up my 3G 64GB iPad 2 for $829. The disparity is largely down to high import duties, taxes and bureaucratic hurdles according to Kazbegi of Renaissance Capital. Other countries included in this announcement are the Ukraine and Brazil (rumored location of new iPad facility)

Just last week, the iPad 2 was also released in 12 more countries late last month which included Japan, Hong Kong, Korea and Singapore... China also received shipments of the WiFi model of the iPad 2 on May 6th.

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