Thursday, May 26, 2011

Disgusting iPad Used In The Bathroom By 25% Of Users, No I Don't Wanna Borrow It!

Last week, Nielsen Company revealed the results of a survey of nearly 12,000 Tablet, Smartphone and eReader owners to find out where and when they were being used. According to the results below, 70% use their iPad while watching TV, 57% while lying in bed...and nearly half break our their iPad while with friends/family. But before you borrow someones iPad or iPhone, you need to realized that 1 in 4 of these are regularly used in the bathroom.

Many remember George Costanza being forced to buy a book that he took into the bathroom with him, he later tried to return it but was denied since the book was 'Flagged' as a bathroom book. Below is the overall time distribution for the various locations:

Tablet owners noted that about 30 percent of the time spent with their tablet was while watching TV as compared to 21 percent while lying in bed. Smartphone users watch TV while using their device 20 percent of the time as compared to 11 percent lying in bed. eReader were only used 15 percent of the time spent watching TV, but usually used it in bed at 37 percent of their usage time.

Definitely think about that next time you borrow your friends iPad or worse yet, put their iPhone up to your ear! Nielsen has been wrong in the past...hopefully this is off as well.

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