Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Mobile PC Shipment Forecast

This past year, mobile PC shipments have grown, but at a slightly reduced rate as compared to last years growth. Shipment of mobile PCs which include NetBooks (typically less than 12" screen, under 3 pounds), Notebooks, and Tablet computers (82% which is from the iPad). DisplaySearch released estimates for 2011-2014 mobile PC shipments today. Apple managed to sell 7.33 million iPads in Q1 2011)

Expectancy of Netbooks according to the firm:

"DisplaySearch expects netbook shipments to fall 20 percent year over year to about 25.4 million units this year. In addition, in the future these devices will find most of their sales success in price sensitive regions such as emerging nations and the education market."

Here are Caris & Company tablet estimates for comparison.

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