Thursday, April 14, 2011

iOS 4.3.2 Released For iPad

Apple has released an update to iOS which will finally bring the Verizon iPhone (running iOS 4.2.7) up to the same version as the iPhone 4, iPod Touch and iPad. This update is a minor one to fix bugs, DNS issues, FaceTime problems, fix document viewer, battery life complaints and vulnerabilities on all iOS devices.

To update you need only to connect your iPad to your iTunes via USB to your computer. iOS 4.3 was released on March 10th, and iOS 4.3.1 came a couple weeks later on March 25th. And here is iOS 4.3.2 already...I hope the Apple team working on current iOS issues isn't going to delay the release of iOS 5!

*Jailbreakers note*

If you are running iOS 4.3.1 on your iPad with a redsn0w jailbreak, you should stay away until the "vulnerabilities" that were fixed are evaluated to determine if exploits have been compromised.

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