Monday, April 11, 2011

iBallz: iPad Protection Review

The have been around for awhile and are seeming holding strong. Basically, the iBallz slip over each corner of your iPad with a rubber cord tying them all together. In order to keep them secure it, you only need to tighten a the rubber cord around the exterior of your iPad.

For a fall on drop onto a flat surface, the iBallz will prevent any part of your iPad from making contact with the surface...and with removal of a ball from the corner you can easily tilt your iPad up at a slight angle.

If you have an iPad that is used primarily by 2-8 years olds, this protection may work at a minimum...but these won't protect your iPad from slobber or spit-up from the toddler!

iBallz are available for $20 (same price for the iBallz Minis)

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Dahlia shows you how to install your iBallz

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