Friday, April 22, 2011

Final Fantasy III For iPad

Ah, nostalgia...Square-Enix just released the iPad version of its 1990 hit Final Fantasy III. it was the first title of the Final Fantasy series to sell a million copies. This game will keep you entertained an entire 24 hour period if your Easter weekend is indeed that boring. There is a large world to explore in this game, with many quests to complete...just remember to head outside and enjoy the weekend with your friends and family!

This app isn't getting off on the right foot with people that purchased the iPhone version as well...
"Final Fantasy III is an amazing game and the transition to the iOS devices makes this the near definitive version of the classic (I say 'near' since this release is missing the CG opening sequence found in the DS version, a small annoyance but not necessary). However my two gripes with this is that I paid $37 for both versions."
"However, this is just a way to get more money from us, why not combining to a universal version? I am a iPad user, and played iPhone version FF3 for DAYS! How about my saving data? There should be a way to transfer data between two versions... Like sims3."
Final Fantasy III is available for $16.99 from the App Store.

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