Monday, April 4, 2011

Apple TV Jailbreak, XBMC Install

Many owners of the 2nd Gen Apple TV (including myself) have jailbroken their device to enable the installation of XBMC which enables playback of nearly every media file type. XBMC also allows customers the ability to install widgets through an pseudo Apple TV App Store. Enabling the ability to stream 1080p HD content through the Apple TV is one of the top reasons to jailbreak your Apple TV. “With what we’ve done under XBMC and iOS, we’re going to see very shortly a huge jump from what people start offering under the Apple TV,” said Scott Davilla, maker of XBMC.

Apple TV has been jailbroken with only a few apps are currently available for the jailbroken platform. There is not yet an equivalent to Cydia for the Apple TV, but hackers are working to change that. The addition of Cydia support would allow people to add a wide variety of Apple TV Apps to main screen.

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