Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Apple 2nd Quarter Sales Estimates, 7 Million iPad 2's

Apple is slated to reveal quarterly earnings for 2Q2011 during their earnings call in 8 days, which has been leading to more guestimates. Mike Abramsky via RBC Capital Markets is predicting Apple to easily beat estimates (of 2.4 million) for iPad 2 sales on Wall Street. He has also increased his sales estimates for 2011 from 25 million to 31 million iPad 2's.

As for iPhone sales, the Verizon market has opened it up a little bit (~2 million iPhones), with Abramsky expecting 17 million iPhones sold in the 2nd quarter. He also is calling for 3.6 million Macs sold, with around 20% being MacBook Air models (~700k). Apples call is at 5:00 PM eastern on Wednesday, April 20th.

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