Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Time Warner iPad App Testing

Yesterday, Time Warner released an iPad app yesterday and were not expecting much....but instead the App was so successful that when I tried to use it last night it was crashing. Later last night the Time Warner live streaming app was updated to remove half the channels until they could regain stability. According to the Wall Street Journal:

"The app has attracted customers—it was the most-downloaded free app on Apple Inc.'s App Store on Tuesday, with 79,696 downloads, according to Time Warner Cable—however, it also has drawn opposition from some content providers."

This afternoon I tried it out again and found it to be pretty responsive and basically another small, cool television which lagged behind the actual cable channels by about 20-30 seconds. Time Warner has taken a leap (that no other TV service provider) to bring live streaming of many of their channels in HD.

Channel swapping moved rather quickly and

Hopefully Time Warner will improve upon this well developed app with:
  • Access to DVR Recordings
  • Capability to act as remote at home
  • Set recordings on
  • Ability to pause/rewind/etc using your iPad disk space
A few of the other providers are complaining that Time Warner Cable doesn't have the rights to distribute the programming live to the iPad, hopefully the party isn't over before it even got started. According to a blog post by Time Warner's, Jeff Simmermon: The excitement triggering the iPad App crash yesterday is a nice problem to have, and that "it’s not a good party unless you run out of beer."

More on the available programming from WSJ

"On Tuesday evening, Time Warner Cable pulled access to 17 of the 32 channels available through the app. Some media watchers assumed it was responding to complaints from programmers, but the company restored access to all 32 channels on Wednesday around noon. Mr. Dudley said the move came after the company's network was swamped by the initial rush of customers signing up for the app, and it was unrelated to complaints from programmers."

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  1. The app at first seems pretty decent, but only having 32 channels being able to stream? And now 17 are being removed?? It's clear that DISH Network has the best TV Everywhere option, ALL of your programming is available to you on a tablet or smart phone. Working for DISH Network I know that nobody else can offer the same.


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