Thursday, March 17, 2011

Sony Given Access To GeoHot's PayPal Records

Throughout the GeoHot PS3 hacking trial, Sony has had access to George Hotz's hard drives and IP addresses of users that have visited his sites. Now the PS 3 maker asked for, and has been given access to GeoHot's PayPal records back for 2 years. For those (including myself) that donated money to GeoHot to help with his lawyer expenses or to support his latest Apple iOS Jailbreak will likely have their details provided to Sony.

Wired reported that...

Regarding the PayPal account, Sony claims Hotz has accepted monetary donations for the hack from people residing in Northern California — an argument that, if true, might make San Francisco a proper venue for the litigation."

George Hotz is being sued by Sony for the PS 3 jailbreak he allegedly distributed and accepted donations that he may have accepted through his PayPal account.

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