Thursday, March 10, 2011

Safari Hacked in 5 Seconds at Pwn2Own 2011

The annual hacking challenge kicked off yesterday afternoon in Vancouver, BC with hackers trying their luck at web browsers. Apple's Safari 5.0.4 (Updated minutes before the Pwn2Own contest) and Microsoft's IE were both taken down by the hackers. A team from Vupen in France exploited an unpatched vulnerability in Safari and won a MacBook Air and $15,000.

By the took 5 seconds to exploit Safari 5.0.4 on a MacBook Air.

The Apple update to Safari fixed 62 vulnerabilities...but it is obvious they missed one and the hacker was "lucky" that Apple didn't address that vulnerability. Charlie Miller from Independent Security Evaluators had won the Safari round the past 3 years since 2008, but TippingPoint's Peter Vreugdenhil ended that streak.

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