Tuesday, March 22, 2011

New York Times Digital Plan Outrageously Priced

It appears that the NY Times is getting ready to begin charging $35 for 4 weeks of digital access on your iPad, iPhone or MacBook. Well, Michael DeGusta thinks that the NY Times is delusional in charging that price. check out his chart below:

This is how the NY Times subscriptions are supposed to work:

  • 20 articles for free each month
  • 21st article will require a digital news package: $15 for access to the website and mobile phone app; $20 for website access and an iPad app; or $35 all-access plan.
  • Those subscribing to the "yesterday's news on their doorstep" edition will automatically get unlimited access.
Not all visits to NYTimes.com will count toward the 20-article limit, The Times will allow access to people who visit through search engines . There will be a 5 article limit for people who visit the site from Google.

Clear as mud?

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