Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Must Have Apps For Apple TV

The Apple TV has been widely successful with it's integration of AirPlay with iOS devices (iPad, iPhone, etc) that it probably even surprised Apple at the prompt adoption. Apps for a TV will certainly be much different than an App for an iPad screen...or an even smaller iPhone screen. I don't know if an Apple TV App Store is going to be a hit or a bust, but it is definitely worth a shot.

Here are some Apple TV Apps that could be successful

FaceTime video chat through an Apple TV, Apple would need to integrate a camera into the 3rd Generation Apple TV or provide an add on for the TV. Apple shouldn't CHARGE FOR THIS APP like they did in the Mac App Store for the latest MacBook Pro.

NBA Jam or other arcade games would be fun and would require integrated controllers to work with the Apple TV.

NFL, MLB, NBA, etc integration into the Apple TV would provide an alternative to Cable/Dish.

A Seas0npass jailbreak by FireCore is already picking up some steam, surely with Cydia style TV apps and hacks to help us get the most out of our Apple TV. It looks like the term App Store is becoming somewhat generic even within Apple...but they may win the argument to gain "rights" to the general term according to Microsoft and their trademarked Windows.

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