Thursday, March 24, 2011

iPhone 5 Rumor Likelihood

There have been a lot of rumors floating around about the iPhone 5, heck...there are still rumors about a white iPhone 4 popping up every week. With the addition of the Verizon iPhone, this makes the interested audience a whole lot bigger...including me! My contract runs out early this summer and I'll definitely be in the market for an iPhone since I'm stuck on Verizon.

Here are the different iPhone 5 rumors and the potential of being realized.

Better Camera: The current iPhone camera is a 5 MP digital camera, many of the "high-end" competitors are bringing an 8 MP. The iPhone camera has been average or better, so I think we will see an 8 MP or more camera on the iPhone 5.
Chances of being true: 50%

Home Button Removal: The home button could disappear with the gestures controls previewed in iOS 4.3 beta, these touch sensitive controls can be enabled on your iPad or iPhone running iOS 4.3 and work quite well.
Chances of being true: 20%

Larger Display: Rumors from DigiTimes, BGR, Wired have surfaced in the past month that Apple may be planning a smaller iPhone and a larger one. Likely in the 4" screen range as many of the other high-end android models have already transistioned.
Chances of being true: 80%

Improved Resolution: The iPhone 4 achieved "retina" display capability, leaving little reason to improve the dpi...overall the resolution may stay the same. A larger screen will result in a slightly reduced dpi. Possibly a lengthening of the screen to get the 4" with the bottom bar being used for menus and icons
Chances of being true: 40%

New Design: The iPhone 5 design could take cues from the iPad 2 and return to resemble the iPhone 3GS more than the iPhone 4. The antenna may be moved from the exterior to the Apple logo.
Chances of being true: 40%

White Model: With the launch of the white iPad, and over a year of complaints regarding the white model availability...
Chances of being true: 100%

Physical Keyboard: This rumor shows up every spring before the iPhone is announced
Chances of being true: 0%

64GB Model: Photos have leaked from overseas showing an iPhone 5 screenshot and back panel with 64GB indications.
Chances of being true: 50%

HD Video Recording: 1080p full HD recording has been showing up in new HTC and Droid models, with a camera improvement...this is definitely a possibility
Chances of being true: 30%

iPhone Mini (Low-Cost): Apple could tweak the iPhone 3GS (or iPhone 4) a little bit to create an "entry-level" model to better compete with those on a budget.
Chances of being true: 30%

Internal Storage Removal: The iPhone Mini or iPhone 5 could certainly take a large step toward cloud computing, essentially reducing the storage requirements on the iPhone.
Chances of being true: 50%

3D Display: This past week at CTIA in Orlando, many manufacturers are showing off come 3D screen technologies on smart phone and tablet displays along with 3D video capture.
Chances of being true: 10%

CDMA Model: With the January Verizon announcement of the iPhone 4's arrival to the CDMA network and the iPad 2, it appears that this would be a long embraced relationship between Verizon and Apple.

NFC Technology: Apple could easily incorporate the payment technology through an Apple account ID, which would eliminate the need to carry your wallet everywhere you go..
Chances of being true: 80%

A5 Processor: The iPad 2 got reason the iPhone 4 should be left out!
Chances of being true: 100%

4G/LTE Support: No mention with the iPad 2.
Chances of being true: 40%

HDMI Output: With the iPad 2 dock connector, the iPhone 5 will likely have the same connections.
Chances of being true: 50%

iOS 5 Launch: Apple provided a preview of the iOS 5 during the iPad 2 event, this would be the perfect time for this major iOS update.
Chances of being true: 90%

Availablity of the iPhone 5 is unlikely for summer (maybe 20% chance), but will instead probably (80%) be available in September which is when my contract expires!

Any other rumors we've missed?

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