Saturday, March 12, 2011

iPad Safari WiFi Data Connection Speed

We decided to run a late night test after a few beers (and a healthy 4th meal from Taco Bell) due to an argument that the iPad 2 wasn't really any faster at loading webpages. With the numbers that Steve Jobs was throwing around last week regarding 9x this and 4x that...I figured that Safari connection speed likely benefited.

Check out the view below if you enjoy watching Cult Of Mac, Boy Genius Report, Wired's Gadget Lab and iPad Jailbreak load on the iPad 2...otherwise check out the stats below.

Loading times on the iPad 1:

Cult of Mac - 50 seconds
Boy Genius Report - 20 seconds
Wired - Gadget Lab - 20 seconds
iPad Jailbreak - 66 seconds

Loading times on the iPad 2:

Cult of Mac - 27 seconds
Boy Genius Report - 9 seconds
Wired - Gadget Lab - 10 seconds
iPad Jailbreak - 21 seconds

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