Tuesday, March 1, 2011

iPad Inventory Shortages

It appears that instead of dropping the price of the original iPad, Apple has halted production of the 1st generation iPad's instead. Globally, many retailers are no longer able to get the original iPad in stock...most are saying that what they have on the shelves is it. Most will be sold out today or tomorrow, which may point to immediate availabilty of the iPad 2.

MB292LL/A – iPad 16GB WiFi – Constrained – No ETA
MB293LL/A – iPad 32GB WiFi – Constrained – No ETA
MB294LL/A – iPad 64GB WiFi – Constrained – No ETA
MC349LL/A – iPad 16GB 3G – Constrained – No ETA
MC496LL/A – iPad 32GB 3G – Constrained – No ETA
MC497LL/A – iPad 64GB 3G – Constrained – No ETA
It seems like a mistake to completely cease production of the 1st generation tablet. Apple must have evaluated this and may have dropped the original line to open up production volume, or the are able to deliver the next generation iPad at the SAME PRICE.

It also looks like the new iPad will be available in White...

I would be interested in picking up a white iPad if the back were darker.

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