Wednesday, March 23, 2011

iPad Hologram Setting Would Be Cool

Now, I have been using the gestures on both my iPads (1st Gen/2nd Gen) since the GoldMaster release of iOS 4.3 and no longer use the home button. Okay, I haven't found a way to NOT use the home button to exit app edit mode (to make them stop wiggling). But the guys at FinalCutKing have found on of the neat-er features, a full holographic display for your iPad 2 apps.

It would be awesome to be flipping through your home screen in a Minority Report style, but this hologram setting isn't quite ready for iOS 5...and is just some clever video editing. These guys did a nice job with this and is working to help me (and Apple hopefully) realize some possibilities for the iPad 3!

Check out their iPad 2 Hologram clip below...

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