Tuesday, March 8, 2011

iPad Coming To The Cockpit

With the recent approval by the FAA to give the iPad the "OK" for use in an airliner cockpit, it seems likely that many airlines will transistion to tablet oriented Pilot charts. I assume they are referring to an WiFi only version, but what happens if the iPad App crashes? Will there be a back-up chart available to the pilot or are the crew and passengers SOL? According to Seattle Weekly Blog, Alaska Airlines is already testing iPads in flight for Pilots.

Alaska Airlines is evaluating Apple's iPad with "a select group of pilots," says spokeswoman Maryanne Lindsay. "We're hoping to hear in the next week or two" whether they'd like to go further with their testing, she adds, declining to go into details.
It has been estimated that the manuals and charts weigh about 25 pounds, which would definitely lighten the load (and free up some space) in the already seemingly crowded cockpit. Jeppesen Systems has already developed an iPad app dubbed Mobile TC which is already available (for free) in the iTunes App Store.

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