Tuesday, March 1, 2011

iPad, Apple Under Microscope Tomorrow

Well, with the obvious Apple event flyer for tomorrow...there is little to speculate as far as agenda. There is still the need for a "one more thing..." at the Apple event tomorrow. Will it be an iOS 5 preview, smaller iPhone details, or will Steve Jobs come out from behind the curtain at the 0:42 minute mark tomorrow (an Italian Apple site thinks so)? Who knows...but what is certain is that Apple is being watched by the tablet buying community tomorrow and will make the iOS or Android decision after the iPad 2 details are provided.

Apple has much more competition than existed a year ago...although much of that competition is still tweaking their prototype. The iPad 2 is rumored to be a ho-hum update much like the recent MacBook Pro refresh, it appears that the iPad 2 incremential improvements are small enough to eliminate the previous version of the iPad as Apple has halted production.

Hopefully the Apple event will provide some details (and maybe a working prototype) of the iPad 3, iPad 2 HD or whatever they are going to call it this fall. Developing a high-end iPad (or iPad Pro) with a retina display and other items on our iPad wish lists.

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