Saturday, March 12, 2011

iPad 2 Teardown Highlights

iFixit iPad 2 Teardown is already available...they are getting very efficient at dismantling Apple iDevices.

Here is a couple minute video (much more interesting than ours) from iFixit with the highlights of their iPad 2 teardown...a few key findings: The iPad 2 glass display was found to be much thinner, from 0.85 millimeters to 0.62 millimeters. The LCD display thickness is around 25% of the total iPad 2 thickness still at 2.4 millimeters.

More iPad 2 specifics from iFixit...

Other components that power the iPad 2:
  • Toshiba TH58NVG7D2FLA89 16GB NAND Flash
  • Broadcom BCM5973KFBGH Microcontroller
  • Broadcom BCM5974 CKFBGH capacitative touchscreen controller
  • Texas Instruments CD3240B0 11AZ4JT touchscreen line driver
  • Broadcom BCM43291HKUBC Wi-Fi/Bluetooth/FM tuner combo chip
  • S6T2MLC N33C50V Power Management IC
  • ST Micro AGD8 2103 gyroscope
  • ST Micro LIS331DLH accelerometer
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  1. Please share the name of this beautiful nerd!

  2. Watched her tear apart the Verizon iPhone...kind of geek p0rn. Oh...yeah, take it off (the outer cover)

  3. FYI. Your description of the chips is not entirely accurate.

  4. The descriptions were taken from iFixit...maybe they changed them on their site?


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