Tuesday, March 8, 2011

iPad 2 Sales Estimate, 5.5 million in 19 Days!

Around a year ago, the 1st generation iPad sold 1 million in 28 days...now according to a Piper Jaffray analyst the iPad 2 will likely get their 1st million this weekend. The iPad sold 3.27 million in the first quarter (88 days) and is expected to nearly meet the expectation of the iPhone 4.

Could this be the iPhone 4G? It would make sense if Apple is going to expand it's model line...you definitely need to keep your premier product, uh well...PREMIER!

If you are looking for an iPad 2 case, there are quite a few at MobileFun. I am really shocked that Apple sort of stiffed the iPad case makers a little with the introduction of their sleek and snappy covers.

I know I'll be one of the troopers picking up an iPad 2 (White 3G, 32GB) and probably an orange magnetic cover this Friday, what about you? I wonder if we will see long shipping times for the iPad 2 from the Apple Store come Monday? 7-10 days...or longer. What do you think?

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