Monday, March 7, 2011

iPad 2 Availability Time On March 11th

It appears that Apple is waiting until 5:00 PM at their retail stores to begin selling the iPad 2. It has also been confirmed with Apple that the iPad 2 can be ordered online at the Apple Store starting at Midnight PT on March 11th.

Target posted on twitter that they will be carrying the iPad 2 on March 11th, what time is still the question. Target will also allow you to trade in your 1st generation iPad for some store credit, but not until after Sunday, March 13th.

Will Target and Best Buy be able to sell their iPad 2 stock when the doors open, or will they have to wait until the Apple Store begins to sell the iPad 2 at 5 PM?

Verizon Wireless stores will also be stocking the iPad 2 those stores appear to open the earliest in my neck of the woods.

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