Thursday, March 31, 2011

i0n1c iOS Exploit

Stefan Esser (aka xpl0n1c) does not build jailbreaks, he patched sn0wbreeze to showcase his exploit in this video instead. It has been mentioned that this jailbreak could work for the iPad 2, only if only comex and the Dev Team could determine a method to install the package there. Otherwise it is speculated that this could be a Cydia package.

According to the security expert:

"I repeatedly stated that I will not release a jailbreak tool – I will only give out the untether. I did not try yet, but if it is feasible the untether could be a cydia package. [...] While the vulnerability I use is in the iPad 2 kernel my untether will NOT SUPPORT the iPad 2, because there is no way to install it there (bootrom exploits fixed). – however Comex is working on that part."

Apple has made significant changes to the iPad 2 bootroom, resulting in this exploit not being untethered. At least until hackers determine a way into Apple's new bootrom. Comex previously stated that the exploit he was planning to use for an iPad 2 jailbreak exploit was patched by Apple in iOS 4.3.1.

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