Thursday, March 24, 2011

Education Publishers Back Inkling iPad App

Yesterday, getting the iPad integrated into the classroom took a nice step forward. Inkling, iPad textbook app developer has announced a "multi-million dollar" financing deal with a couple major players in publishing. McGraw-Hill and Pearsons are now investing in Inkling to produce interactive iPad textbooks for students. The iPad has gained some popularity in grade schools and colleges, this deal cements a foundation to reduce the amount of luggage in our junior high students' backpack.

Inkling is an interactive textbook platform that was specifically built for the iPad. It makes your old hardcover paper textbooks much more engaging and interactive while maintaining compatiblity with the "printed edition" used in the classroom.

Inkling includes:
  • The flexibility to purchase by the chapter or by the book
  • The ability to "Complete my Book" after buying individual chapters
  • Shared Notes that make it easy to collaborate with friends in realtime
  • Integrated interactive media in every textbook title, such as movies, 3-D objects, and guided tours
  • A simple and powerful user interface that makes it easy to study
  • Interactive quizzes that help you immediately gauge your level of understanding
  • An intuitive search engine that predicts your search as you type

Currently, here are the top in-app purchases from the free Inkling iPad app

1. Lights, Camera, Capture - $9.99
2. Essential Clinical Anatomy - $64.99
3. Biology Ch. 4 - $2.99
4. Music: An Appreciation - $69.99
5. Ganong's Review of Medical Physiology - $64.99
6. Chapter 8 of Essential Clinical Anatomy - $9.99
7. Chapter 15 of Biology - $3.99
8. Chapter 5 of Essential Clinical Anatomy - $9.99
9. Biology Ch. 43 - $2.99
10. Lights, Camera, Capture Chapter 2 - $1.99

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