Thursday, March 31, 2011

eBay iPad 2 Sales Data

It is still unclear as to the number of iPad 2's which have been sold by Apple, likely until the sales call in a few weeks. But eBay has created a nice infographic with a peek at the buying activity for the new tablet. It has been difficult to get an iPad 2, but eBay has managed to sell (er re-sell) almost 12,000 tablets. Nearly two-thirds of the tablet sales were shipped locally in the U.S., while the rest were exported to Canada, Russia, etc.

Along the bottom there are a couple nice details added...

iPad 2 16GB - $198 over retail
iPad 2 64GB - $264 over retail
iPad 2 64GB+3G - $406 over retail

I guess I should have picked up an extra iPad 2 when I got mine to make a few bucks on the side...the iPad 2 wasn't expected to be launched with much fanfare. Boy were we (they) wrong!

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