Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Best Buy, Verizon Confirmed 5PM iPad Launch

There went my original plans to pick-up an iPad 2 earlier than the 5PM Apple Store launch time. Maybe Apple is trying to prevent people from taking Friday off (already got it!) for a product launch with a 5pm local time iPad 2 launch...but there are some already waiting (Justin Wagoner according to Cult Of Mac). It really isn't "waiting in line" yet since one person can't really form a line...

Anyway, it appears that other iPad 2 retailers (Best Buy, Verizon, Sam's, etc) are all contractually required to wait to sell the iPad 2 until Friday at 5pm. I guess if you live close to a time zone line you may be able to get your iPad 2 a little earlier...

You can still order your iPad 2 online from the Apple at 12:01am PT on March 11th if you are worried about the lines at the retailers. I would suspect the Apple Store locations to close at 3:00pm to prepare for the iPad 2 launch at 5pm much like they did for the 1st generation iPhone. If you recall, the 3G iPad was also launched on a Friday at 5pm to lackluster buzz.

Maybe FedEx planes will be landing full of iPad 2's on Friday morning to help boost supply?

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