Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Apple Designed iPad 2 Magnetic Cover

During the Apple iPad event this afternoon (here in the Midwest), Apple featured their iPad 2 magnetic cover. This iPad 2 accessory was promoted much more that any iPhone or iPod case made by Apple in the past. This case is specificaly designed with the magnetics built into the iPad 2 (I wonder if iPad case competitors were tipped on this) to enable an interesting way to protect your investment. I have used an iPad case for the majority of my experiences with my iPad, and having a cover will likely eliminate the need (at least for me) for an iPad 2 DODOcase.

Non-Apple accessory makers are likely scrambling to develop a case to take advantage of the iPad 2 bezel magnets, and were likely not in the loop on this enhancement. Even a simple case like the DODOCase or Powis iCase could merely add a slim magnet to the edge of the book flap to take advantage of the new iPad 2 capabilities.

I am personally going to order an iPad 2 on March 11th along with an Orange magnetic cover...I may also pick up a leather cover and the HDMI-out, but am still on the fence for those.

Cool part is the iPad will automatically "wake up" when the cover is lifted!

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  1. This is neat and the technology is very innovative. But I think the traditional cases will still be used for day to day uses to and from work, traveling and so on. Nice job being dedicating to bring us updated information as you get them.


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