Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Angry Bird's fan? Check out Chicken Balls HD for iPad

In tinkering with my new iPad 2 (glad I didn't order it from Apple online), I ran across a new iPad app released yesterday from Endloop Systems called Chicken Balls HD. This game appears to be designed around the highly successful Angry Birds franchise buy utilizing a jeep mounted slingshot weapon to free abducted baby chicks. Chicken Balls HD developers spent a lot of time with graphic visuals and goes beyond the goal of just smashing things like Angry Birds.

Chicken Balls HD has two separate level packs with 50 in each and has a very busy (and detailed) backdrop which allows for pinch-to-zoom capability for greater detail. After the first 5 levels, the Farmageddon mode can be enabled providing a furious tapping frenzy full of chaos for a score. Further into the game the integration of obstacles, bumpers and mazes to make the game more frustrating challenging.

Chicken Balls HD is available for $3 from the App Store. There is an iPhone version on the way as well and it will be a separate purchase as it won't be universal. Boo..

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