Thursday, March 3, 2011

$100 iPad price-drop leads to "Rebates" for recent buyers

While the Apple store was down yesterday, the iPad (1st Gen) had a price reduction of $100 to $399 for the WiFi 16GB version. If you purchased an iPad "recently", you will be receiving a refund for the price difference applied to your credit card (remember, you couldn't pay cash for an iPad at an Apple Store for a while there).

CNet's Crave contacted a Apple service rep to get the details:

Apple is offering $100 back...and applies to all versions of the first-generation iPad.

According to the customer-service rep, Apple is offering the $100 refund only to those who purchased the last-gen tablet within 14 days of yesterday's announcement of the iPad 2.
I would assume that this would also apply to a refurbished iPad purchase from Apple since they received a similar price reduction.

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