Monday, February 28, 2011

Yerba Buena Prepped For Apple (iPad) Event

Well, as many avid iPad owners (and those looking to buy their first) know...a little Apple shindig is going on in San Francisco in a couple days. Just over a year ago, we were at the Yerba Buena Center...anticipating Apple's "latest creation" and then had to wait TOO LONG to get one. This time it is expected that new iPad unveiled will be promptly available for purchase.

The numberous colorful dots designed at the Yerba Buena Center likely is sending a message at the Apple event on Wednesday. A thinner, lighter, faster iPad is expected by many...along with a couple nice cameras and an increase in the RAM. This iPad upgrade is being regarded as a small step improvement of the iPad, much like the (somewhat disappointing) MacBook refresh that occurred last week with the "highlight" being introduction of ThunderBolt and some beefy processor power.

If we have to wait for the doubled-resolution for the be it. will be ordering a new iPad to giveaway...but I may pick up a 2nd one for myself depending if any light is shed on an iPad 2 HD this fall.

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