Monday, February 28, 2011

Xoom Jailbreak, NO 4G FOR YOU

I guess the Android crew doesn't really call it an Android Jailbreak, they have decided to stick with the term...rooted. I still have my classic original Motorola Droid that I picked up in November 2009...and it is rooted. My rooted cell and WiFi iPad make quite a pair as I have said in the past...

Well now it appears that the Xoom has already been rooted and someone decided to ask Motorola if they could still get the 4G LTE upgrade for their Xoom if it was rooted. The short and sweet answer...NO.

The more longwinded answer... "you only need to flash back to factory settings/software temporarily when you send your Xoom to Motorola for the free 4G upgrade"

Sounds like the same stance the Apple has regarding jailbroken iDevice's...

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