Thursday, February 3, 2011

Untethered Jailbreak for iOS 4.2.1, GreenPois0n RC5

Finally greenpois0n and an untethered jailbreak for the iPad is available for iOS 4.2.1.

The best part about this jailbreak is that it is untethered jailbreak...NOW YOU CAN FINALLY reboot your iPad without having to jailbreak it again. With earlier jailbreaks, whenever you rebooted your iPad, it would go into DFU mode requiring another jailbreak it to refresh it.

For those that have been relying on ultrasn0w for a carrier unlock on the iPhone, you should hold off on this jailbreak as it will update your baseband and likely lock your iPhone.

Instructions to jailbreak your iPad, iPod Touch or iPhone...

Step 1: Download greenPois0n from this link.

Step 2: Connect your iPad with USB to your computer and click “Prepare to Jailbreak (DFU)”

Step 3: Follow the onscreen instructions to enter your iPad into DFU mode:
  • Press and hold the sleep button (2 seconds)
  • Continue holding sleep; press and hold home (10 seconds)
  • Release sleep button; continue holding home (15 seconds)
Step 4: Now your iPad is ready to jailbreak. Click “Jailbreak”

Step 5: Your iPad is now successfully jailbroken on iOS 4.2.1. Start “Loader” found on the homescreen to install Cydia. Be sure to check out the ThemeCenter and new manage account features in Cydia as well.

Follow these same steps for an iPhone or iPod Touch to jailbreak these as well if you like.

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  1. Doesn't work. somehow i can't download cydia from the loader.

  2. The download sites for GreenPois0n appear to be down :(

    Also, what happens if I've already JBed with Redsn0w? Can I just re-run GreenPois0n on top of that?

  3. I have realized all the steps, but the loader does not come out cydia into my ipad

  4. Tried it with the windows. Although app said the jailbreak was successful but nothing showing on my ipad. so disppointing

  5. It worked for me.

    But I downloaded from

    I think they might have posted an updated file.

    The file that worked for me was called

    Good luck!

  6. how did you try it with windows? i cant find the windows version anywhere! guess i have to wait :(

  7. Works on the iPad but failed the first time with "unable to find fs_mount..."
    Hung on this screen and would only reboot to a locked iPad v4.2.1
    THen attempted to restore to 3.2.2 but that failed
    Restored again to 4.2.1 and tried to run Greenpois0n again and this time it worked.
    Ran loader to install Cydia - it said it ran but no Cydia appeared. Re booted the iPad and Cydia appeared and all is working as expected

  8. i cant jailbreak. Its says unable to find gBdevList in Dos-type of screen. I'm using window. Can anyone help me on this?

  9. Really easy... It works perfectly. Just don't get in panic and follow exatcly the instractions. I have Windows.

  10. Yes, real easy. First time waited to long, had to start over.
    After that (with Mac) Worked fine.(when I followed the instructions)
    Thanks this is why I waited.
    Printing all over the place.

  11. Thanks, i got my ipad today, (3.2.2)
    Is it safe to upgrade in itunes now? i saw something about 4.2.6, is that correct? please help me?

  12. Funciona perfectamente

    Muchas gracias

  13. I know nothing about Mac and this iPad is my very first...I did it at my first trial! Great and simple instruction! I used Window.


  15. I was able to JB my iphone4 + 3GS; but not my ipad. I tried on 3 different machines, macbookpro, imac g5, and a dell window version. Get "failed" when trying to jb the ipad. I read it somewhere that ipad ios4.2.1 with band 07.10.00 does not work. Well, too bad. If anyone here is able to jb ipad 4.2.1 with 07.10.00, let me know how you do it.

  16. I keep hanging at the restore point when trying to update iPad to 4.2.1.

    Any help would be greatly appreciated.

    I've done both hard and soft resets but every time I go to restore the iPad it hangs, iTunes also stops responding.

    Thanks in advance

  17. Hey!
    I've got iPad 4.2.1 with band 07.10.00 as well, did someone find an answer? Is it possible???
    And my iphone 4 is also updated :(
    Can it be fixed anyway?

  18. I can't jailbreak. I'm struggling with the whole sleep and home keys on my macbook. Can anybody help?

  19. is there a new installous source? each time i try to add installous into cydia, it can't find any of the hosts...

  20. I got the jailbreak to work just fine...but I would recommend holding off until iOS 4.3 is released today and the PwnageTool arrives shortly thereafter.

  21. this is the BEST and Easiest Jailbreak EVER launched by greenpoison.. using redsnow is the most troublesome...

    follow all the instructions.. and ur ready to go... thumbs up..

  22. Success with iphone 3gs, iphone4, EXCEPT iPad 4.2.1 with band 07.10.00

    Anyone success with ipad 4.2.1 band 07.10.00; i want to know

  23. Does this work for ios 4.2? I only have ios 4.2 and not 4.2.1. Now I can only upgrade the firmware to 4.3 via itune. But I am not willing to flash to 4.3 until jailbreak for 4.3 is out of its beta version.

  24. my ipad turned of and wont come back on!

  25. Try holding both the top and home button for 5 seconds...

  26. "Does this work for ios 4.2? I only have ios 4.2 and not 4.2.1. Now I can only upgrade the firmware to 4.3 via itune. But I am not willing to flash to 4.3 until jailbreak for 4.3 is out of its beta version.
    March 14, 2011 10:23 AM"

    have the same prob as this guy... not exactly... accidentally used gp rc 6 on an ios 4.2 ipad... it said "jailbreak complete" but the loader wont launch... not i'm not sure if i'm jailbroken or not...

  27. works fine. Need a lot of patience though; after loading cydia I pressed the home button after 5 minutes and then after a few seconds it rebooted and everything okay!

  28. trying to jailbreak but it says Failed to get AppleS5L8920xarm7m after 130sec. Any suggestions?

  29. I'm also wondering if this works with ios 4.2. And if it doesn't, is there any way to upgrade manually (not through iTunes, that is), from 4.2 to 4.2.1?

  30. Thanks Thanks Thanks Thanks Thanks


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