Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Macbook Pro Improvements

There have been many reports coming out the past couple days regarding the upcoming new MacBook Pro models. Today, there are claims that the entire line will be 20% lighter due to a "stronger, lighter, and more scratch resistant aluminum material". Battery technology will also allow for a 20% improvement in battery life.

MacBook Pro 13-Inch - 12 Hours
MacBook Pro 15-Inch - 11 Hours
MacBook Pro 17-Inch - 10.5 Hours

MacBook weight adjustments:

MacBook Pro 13-Inch - 3.7 pounds
MacBook Pro 15-Inch - 4.6 pounds
MacBook Pro 17-Inch - 5.3 pounds

Also some rumors on pricing:

MacBook Pro 13-Inch - $1099
MacBook Pro 15-Inch - $1549
MacBook Pro 17-Inch - $2099

Via MacTrast

It definitely looks like the March 1st Apple Event will be that announcement date for the new line of MacBook Pros. I really like the dark gunmetal that is shown in the Intel advertisement...hopefully these have been darkened up a little bit!

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