Wednesday, February 2, 2011

iPad 2 Display Comparison

9to5Mac and iFixYouri have acquired an iPad 2 LCD screen straight from China. The resolution (according to the part number) appears to be the same as the current iPad at 1024 by 768 pixels. The iPad 2 display appears to be of higher quality, is over a mm thinner and is lighter.

LP097X02-SLA3 old iPad display part number

LP097X02-SLN1 is new iPad display part number

Here is a breakdown of the part number LP097x02 SLN1

(LP)097×02 SLN1= LG Phillips
LP(097)x02 SLN1= 9.7 inch display
LP097x(02) SLN1= used on displays with xga,sxga,wsxga
LP097x02 (SL)N1= H-IPS
LP097x02 SL (N1)= Not sure

Therefore the iPad 2 display is a LG Phillips 9.7in XGA 1024×768 H-IPS display

The cable connector is slightly different...preventing them from swapping out their old original iPad display. We need to see a comparison with the displays powered up! Maybe Apple will release a high-end iPad HD for those that want the higher resolution of a retina display.

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