Tuesday, February 22, 2011

iPad 2 Delay, NOOOO!

Bloomberg has reported a research not by Yuanta Securities which is buzzing now, apparently this rumor suggests that the 2nd generation iPad will be delayed until June because of production bottlenecks. A June launch is really fishy since the iPhone refresh is typically occurs at that time, leaving many to have to choose between the high-priced iPad and iPhone.

The delay arose after Cupertino, California-based Apple made design changes before the Lunar New Year, according to a report by Vincent Chen and Alison Chen, analysts at Yuanta. Jill Tan, an Apple spokeswoman in Hong Kong, declined to comment on the report.
Many people are receiving their tax refunds and may be holding off on the iPad with the rumors looming around an iPad 2 soon. If this rumor is true (likely not), then the Motorola Xoom could benefit from the later timing of the iPad 2 and thrive during launch with tax season upon us. Maybe most Apple buyers are savvy enough to not prevent a tax refund...and not let the goverment hold on to their money.

Other rumors suggest that Apple may be waiting until the dubbed iPad 3 (or iPad HD) with a retina display in launched this fall. Hopefully this upcoming Apple Retail Store meeting involves the iPad 2!

Hopefully the iPad doesn't stay stuck on the conveyor belt too long!

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