Monday, February 7, 2011

iOS 4.2.1 PwnageTool, greenpois0n

With the addition of the HotSpot feature to the iPhone 4 via the upcoming iOS 4.3, this eliminates some of the need to jailbreak your iPhone. Unless you don't want to pay for the connected devices data transfer...I know I don't want to be metered!

Currently, greenpois0n is Mac-only jailbreak, Linux and Windows versions appear to be in the works and should be made available soon. The greenpois0n jailbreak hack is NOT recommended for anyone who has carrier-unlocked their iPhone, or if you plan to do so. A PwnageTool enhancement has been developed using the greenpois0n exploit.

If you have a developer account (or have gained access to iOS 4.3 for your iPad) then it is now possible to jailbreak the iPad 4.3 Beta with a PwnageTool bundle that was released by hacker Johnny Franks. The bundle works with the PwnageTool (current version) for creating a custom firmware.

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