Monday, February 28, 2011

DirecTV iPad App Remote

Last week, DirecTV announced an upcoming iPad app with "coming soon" on their website as a teaser to bring your control of your movies, TV and sports from your iPad. Today, the DirecTV Cinema App is available for the iPad for FREE. The DirecTV App allows you to organize your movies, favorite channels, and select your upcoming recordings.

  • Highly customizable remote control functionality right on your iPad.
  • Browse and discover movies, shows and sports - without interrupting the show you are currently watching on TV.
  • Set recordings or channel tune instantly, and access more information on shows, cast & crew, with parental ratings.
  • Access sports scores and schedules and set your favorite teams.
Recording requires a Wi-Fi, Edge or 3G network connection to schedule. Remote control requires a Wi-Fi connection to your home network. Lacking it that ability to stream video to the iPad, Dish Network provides an iPad App to allow you to enjoy your favorite shows while traveling as well.

DirectTV is available for FREE from the Apple App Store.

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  1. Available in U.S. Only...

  2. The iPad and iPad 2 can make pretty much any experience better, so no surprise it makes a remote more enjoyable. However I believe that it's more effective with the DISH Remote Access app from DISH Network. With this app I'm allowed to watch live TV or my recorded content from anywhere in the world. Being a DISH employee I know that the DTV app can't do that. The DISH app also can work as a remote and schedule and manage DVR events.


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