Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Blocking App Purchases On iPad

It appears that a sweet girl, 8 year-old Madison, dressed up her mushroom home on the iPhone App "Smurfs' Village" to the tune of $1,400. This 2nd grader didn't have a clue that the Smurfberries were "real" money purchases and thought they were merely game money.

$99 for a wagon of Smurfberries or $19 for a bucket of snowflakes doesn't have any business in a children's game.

Apple tries to prevent situations like these by requesting a password while making in-app purchases. Parents can easily adjust the settings on Apple’s iDevices to restrict downloading and transactions, but many parents say those settings aren't easy or obvious.


To disable In-App purchases on your iPad, simply select the “Settings” app...then by select GENERAL > RESTRICTIONS > ALLOWED CONTENT and change In-App Purchases to “OFF”.

This will not allow any in-app purchases on your iPad, you'll have to enable "Restrictions" on your device and set a 4 digit pin number to make changes or "enable" in-app purchases.

As a reminder, be aware that if your Apple password is entered for any reason on your iPad...there is a 15 minutes time frame for your Apple password to expire. This will give free reign for App Store (or iTunes) purchases until the time expires...excluding disable in-app purchases obviously.

The iPad and other Apple devices have the ability to protect your bank account...just use it and don't share your passwords or pin numbers with the kids.

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