Thursday, February 24, 2011

4G LTE Conversion, Xoom

It appears that Verizon is not going to charge extra for 4G access for Motorola XOOM, but owners are going to have to take to make their tablets LTE compatible. Approximately 90 days after today, customers will be able to send their XOOM tablet back to Motorola, free of charge, for the LTE upgrade. This process, according to a Talking Points data sheet, should take six business days.

The text above also notes that users “do not have to change their [data] plan when transitioning to 4G LTE."

I wonder if Apple has plans to offer something similar for the upcoming new iPad 2. So far it seems that the Xoom may have a leg up on the new iPad, Apple and Verizon may be working out the changes now...maybe that was one of the "last minute changes" that Apple made?

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