Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Vizio Via Tablet

Apple pretty much shocked everyone when announced the iPad back in January for only $499. Most analysts were expecting the base model iPad to come in between $800 and $1000. Vizio made a name for themselves by selling a low-cost high quality flat panel TV. And now it appears they are planning to branch out into the mobile device space.

Vizio is expected to soon announce a new Android OS tablet computer and a smart phone to compete with the iPad and iPhone.

Vizio’s tablet is expected to be called the Via Tablet, the smart phone will be the name Via Phone. The Via Tablet will have an 8 inch display and the Via Phone is rumored to have a 4 inch screen. Both devices fro Vizio are expected to have forward facing cameras for a video conference and the Via Phone will have a 5MP outward facing camera.

Due out Summer 2011

Via WSJ Online

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