Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Verizon iPhone 4 Hotspot, Not Unlimited.

Well, if you got excited about the Verizon iPhone unlimited data plan (for a limited time) here is a little caveat. It appears that the hotspot feature will come with a separate 2GB limited monthly data pool. This covers all of the devices using your iPhone’s 3G data connection via the Hotspot feature upcoming in iOS 4.3. If you exceed that amount, each additional gigabyte will cost you another $20!

It looks like an iPhone jailbreak will be necessary to sidestep this $20 fee from Verizon. An unlimited data plan with a jailbroken iPhone on the Verizon network seems like a nice set-up to me. Activating your wireless hotspot feature on a Verizon iPhone allows you to use the device as a portable WiFi router for up to five devices..but isn't free or unlimited.

There is definitely a market as Verizon stated today in their Q4 earnings report that only 26% of its 83 million subscribers currently have smartphone devices. This means that 62 million Verizon customers do not currently have a smartphone and will likely upgrade to one once they are eligible to re-up their contract.

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