Friday, January 28, 2011

Top Financial iPad Apps

The folks over at have reviewed financial iPad apps and published their Top 10 Financial iPad Apps. Their favorites are...

1. PocketMoney
2. HomeBudget (with Sync)
3. Bloomberg for iPad
4. Easy Books
5. The Wall Street Journal
6-10. Detailed review of these and all of the Top 10 here

This morning I've been testing out PocketMoney and Easy Books to track the financial analysis of, both of these are very solid programs and will both fulfill our needs here. Check out the additional detail, along with the pros and cons at

While we've tried and tested all of the below as well as taking into account popular press reviews, each of the apps on this list have been given an average of at least 3 stars reviews by 100 (or more) customers in the UK app store. Since we recognise that no product is infallible, to keep things fair we've listed the few flaws in these otherwise great apps for your consideration.
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