Thursday, January 6, 2011

ThinkGeek Joystick For iPad

There have been a few games on my iPad that I wished for a little more...control. The game I've mentioned before is Madden 2011 as a game that could definitely use a joystick that could stick temporarily to the touchscreen on your iPad. We tipped you off to the design by TenOne earlier this week...but I've always had a preference to the stuff that ThinkGeek sells. This preference is due to their product quality and of course...The Geek Points!

This joystick gives you the physical interaction and increased precision on touchscreen games, it is compatible with most capacitive touchscreen tablets...but was specifically designed for the iPad.

Product Features
  • Add a real physical joystick to your tablet computer for enhanced gaming precision
  • Works with thousands of different games
  • No wires or batteries required
  • Removable and reposition-able. Will not harm your screen.
  • Solid milled-aluminum construction
  • Invented and designed by ThinkGeek
  • Patent Pending design
We've previously reviewed and gave away a ThinkGeek bluetooth keyboard case...and hope to maybe give a few joysticks away as well!

Available Soon, from ThinkGeek

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