Friday, January 28, 2011

Rustic iPad Case, Kickstarter

I regularly check out Kickstarter projects to see new (sometimes unnecessary) tech products that need some backing. Typically, there is a nice incentive to show you support in that you'll gain exclusive early right to a product, qualify for a discount, or essentially "pre-purchase" a product with you donation...backing.

Made with superb quality and craftsmanship this handmade sleeve is a classy and elegant way to protect and carry your iPad. With a large single pocket to hold your iPad, it is a perfect companion for a weekend business trip or a great getaway. The outside of the sleeve is 80% wool/ 20% polyester blend with natural leather accents. All the materials needed to craft this sleeve are proudly purchased in New England.

Check out this Kickstarter project

A $40 or $50 pledge will get backers a Kindle 3 or iPad case respectively...kick in $20 and you'll get a $5 discount code on a future purchase. For custom embroidery, you can throw in $100. What are your thoughts...worth kicking in to the idea?

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