Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Macworld 2011 Starts Today

Apple stated towards the end of 2008 that they were pulling out of Macworld due to increased traffic at its retail stores worldwide, making it "unnecessary" to do trade shows. There still is a lot of tradition in the Macworld Expo which was first held in Jan 1985, I wonder if Marty McFly drove his DeLorean there?

Some keynote speakers at the 2011 Macworld are comedian Sinbad, Zoe Keating (techy musician) and iFixit's Kyle Wiens. Vendor exhibits dropped from 400 in 2009 (Apple's last attendance) to 250 in Macworld 2010...hopefully there will be a nice turnout this year!

Seems like a nice time for the Macworld Daily Reader iPad App to be released...

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