Sunday, January 2, 2011

Leaked iPad 2 Case, "Extremely Accurate" has developed some protective cases for the new version of the iPad. Where they went wrong is when they posted them for sale, fueling some of speculation about the rumored sequel to Apple’s popular iPad. These have drawn enough attention that someone has rudely requested that they pull the listings from the site.

Alibaba Group spokesman John Spelich stated (via WSJ blog)

"But someone—it’s unclear who—doesn’t seem to appreciate all the attention: was asked to remove the listings. “We do not know whether these products are what they say they are, but we have received a legitimate takedown request and are removing the listings,”
9to5Mac pulled their iPad 2 case pics as well stating:
Update, we've been told (not so nicely) to remove those mold drawings because they are the property of someone else. We’ve complied.
Some bloggers were granted an iPad 2 case request...and have posted their review on YouTube

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