Monday, January 31, 2011

iPad VoiceControl, Via Jailbreak And VoiceActivator

Chpwn developed VoiceActivator, this is essentially a tweak which incorporates new voice commands for iOS devices. This would extend to other Apple devices (iPhone 4, iPod Touch and the iPad) and make launching apps or other repetitive iOS tasks very smooth. Apple has attained a patent for voice control on the iPad (jailbroken), but now you won't have to wait until the iPad 2.

VoiceActivator has its own settings panel allowing you to be able to edit voice commands much like you edit keyboard shortcuts. For instance, let’s say that you want to open our site’s website on your iPad; assign “iPJB” or “iPadJailbreak” as a command in VoiceActivator, then just say the command into Voice Control, and our webpage will open in Safari.

Custom Voice Control commands! VoiceActivator is a new tweak by chpwn ( to let you take full control of the Voice Control feature of your iPhone or iPod touch. Launch apps, open URLs, use Activator actions: it's all here, in one tweak.

(Yeah, YouTube did something weird to my voice. I don't usually sound *that* weird.)

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