Monday, January 17, 2011

iPad 2 Vibration, LCD Prices

There were many rumors this past weekend that the iPad 2 resolution will be twice (2048 x 1536) the DPI of the current iPad resolution. It appears that GlobalDirectParts is partially confirming this rumor with a recent addition to their consumer parts supply website. Their site has added an "OEM Apple iPad 2 LCD screen" at a price of $218.19, which is a 50% increase from the $144.99 price that the original iPad LCD sold for back last spring.

Currently, the original iPad screen sells for $63.35...making the new iPad 2 LCD price over 3 times the first generation iPad screen in today's dollars. This increase in the iPad 2 OEM price could easily be due to the introduction of a retina iPad 2 display.

Additionally, GlobalDirectParts' shows an iPad Vibration Motor (photo omitted) which is not a currently included option for the original iPad. This could be a mistake on the website, otherwise it has led many to believe that the vibrating capability will be included in the iPad 2.

There is no official word on the iPad 2, but many, many unofficial words (and speculation) being published regarding the availablilty of the second generation iPad.

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