Monday, January 17, 2011

iOS 4.3 Multitouch

As many of you know, iOS 4.3 for the iPad has been released in beta for to developers. This updated version of iOS includes the addition of multitouch gestures for the iPad, leading some to believe that the iPad (and iPhone) will no longer have a home screen button.

The recent addition of double-clicking the home button for the multitasking bar has been replaced with an upward gesture to open this option up, and downward to close it off.

The implementation of the new multitouch gestures on the iPad appears to be quite successful. Using four or five fingers is much quicker than reaching down to the home button. Home screen pinch gesture feels more the way it is suppose to be. The video below shows using 4 finger iPad swiping from left to right to move though multitasking apps. Pinching your iPad screen with 4 or 5 fingers returns you to the home screen, removing the need for the home button.

I like the idea of removing the home button on the iPad...I rarely use the downward click of my multitouch pad on my new MacBook Air (Usually I press it in error), that can go away too!

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  1. I don`t think they will remove the Home button. These new gestures should be just new ways to do those things, as the Home button was becoming a bit "over-used", and so one of the main places to give problems (the Home button of my old iPhone 3G isn't much responsive anymore, I have to put some strenght when pushing it).


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