Monday, January 3, 2011

GeoHot Untethered iPad Jailbreak

The SHAtter exploit was delayed due to GeoHot with the last untethered jailbreak for the iPad iOS 3.2.1.

We reported last week that it appeared that GeoHot was looking toward a possible rubyra1n jailbreak tool. If MuscleNerd's retweet below is true... then GeoHot may be returning to iPhone jailbreak gig. Rumors have circulated that thhis untethered exploit may be limited to certain iOS devices.

It wouldn't surprise us much if Geohot came out and released a new jailbreak tool for the iOS 4.2.1 on all iDevices. GeoHot released limera1n rather abruptly on the same day that greenpois0n was set to be released, he could very easily do the same with his rubyra1n jailbreak tool.

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